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Research Roundup: Studies you need to hear about

From the Daily Tarheel...

Photo courtesy of Ross Boyce, studying malaria.

Innovation is alive and well in the research endeavors by UNC professors. From a skin patch that dissolves fat, a rapid diagnostic test for malaria that saves children's lives, expansive HIV intervention and revolutionary findings in bronchitis and mucins, UNC researchers lead the way in improving patients' lives and increasing knowledge within their fields. With all the research coming out the University, here are the studies to know about.

Skin patch in mice proves hopeful for combating obesity

In a study led by Zhen Gu, a professor in the UNC-NC State Department of Biomedical Engineering and Li Qiang, an assistant professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University, a possible treatment for obesity and diabetes was studied via the design of a small skin patch on obese mice populations.

"This is a different kind of approach to reduce the white fats to the brown ones so people can lose weight, get rid of fat and reduce complications," Gu said.

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