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UNC researcher addresses concerns about adolescents with asthma

Scott A. Davis, PhD, an NC TraCS TL1 MOTRD UP Postdoctoral Fellow, has been featured in Reuters Health as co-author on a recent published paper supported through a PCORI grant: Do youth ask asthma providers the questions they want to ask?

“As teens grow up and become more independent, it becomes more and more important that they can manage their asthma on their own, without relying on their parents,” coauthor Scott Davis of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill told Reuters Health by email. “If we can make teens more confident in asking their doctors the questions they have, they may be more likely to learn the skills they need to control their asthma.”

Writing in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, Davis and colleagues describe what happened when they gave 185 asthmatic adolescents a one-page list of 22 questions about asthma medications and asthma triggers, before the youngsters doctors’ appointments.


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