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Brain Imaging in Study of Addiction

Researchers have found that some people come “pre-wired” for, or genetically predisposed to, addiction. That being so, how do their genetics influence brain activity that leads to addictive behavior? Vicki Chanon, Ph.D., a post doc working in the Cognition and Addiction Biopsychology Lab under the mentorship of Charlotte Boettiger, Ph.D., is using an NC TraCS $2K pilot grant to try to answer questions in this burgeoning area of inquiry.

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Need a Clearer Roadmap?

A Research Navigator can help you find your way

Having a great idea for a research project is one thing – convincing a study section yours is one worth funding is quite another. That’s where a free consult with a Research Navigator at the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Science (NC TraCS) Institute may be time well spent.

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The Pain Down There

Pain is bad enough, but when a doctor cannot find the cause, nor provide a known treatment that will cure it, sufferers can start to lose hope. Add to that the difficulty of the pain being in a private part of the body—not in a place one is comfortable speaking freely about—and the patient suffers in isolation.

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